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6. Proposals - Forensic detection (Re: [Asrg] Real-Time "Forensic" Anti-Spam Protection)

2003-10-14 22:15:31
Hossein Malek wrote:

Thanks Yakov for giving me the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the team.

In the future, please follow the posting guidelines which were referenced in the welcome message and can be viewed below:

I changed the subject to comply.

I am the CEO of Veri@ Inc. ( <>), a Real-Time "Forensic" Anti-Spam software company. We have developed a /very/ unique approach to detecting Spam based on Real-Time "Forensic" DNA-like science. I would like to solicit your feedback on our product and see how you can help us expand in fighting this battle.

Aside from seeking feedback - what can you provide to the Internet as whole to reduce the problem? What possible things can you help the ASRG with?


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