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[Asrg] Real-Time "Forensic" Anti-Spam Protection

2003-10-10 16:25:12
Thanks Yakov  for giving me the opportunity to introduce ourselves to
the team.  
I am the CEO of Veri@ Inc. ( <>, a
Real-Time "Forensic" Anti-Spam software  company.  We have developed a
very unique approach to detecting Spam based on Real-Time "Forensic"
DNA-like science.  I would like to solicit your feedback on our product
and see how you can help us expand in fighting this battle.
Our unique multifaceted approach to solving Spam, which has been in
production since early 2002, is based on a patent pending DNA-like
sequencing technology which is languages independent, highly reliable,
accurate, and extremely secure.  Highlights include:
 - Platforms: WindowsR XP Home/XP Pro/2000 Pro/NT/Me/98       
 - Integrates with MicrosoftR Outlook,R Microsoft Outlook Express  (Nov.
 - Works with Outlook to filter out Spam email from HotmailR and MSNR
Mail accounts.
 - Integrated Digital ID Certification (DIC) system
 - Low False Positive Rate (1 in 950)
 - Anti Spam/Virus Protection
 - Email Certification & Authentication
 - Self-Learning Content Filter Generation
 - 100% Confidential
 - Multilingual Content Filtering (13 languages)
 - Parental Control
 - Live update - checks for new protection updates
 - No user interference required
 - On-line product activation procedure to ensure authenticity
 - Free Windows-based download for trial users
I invite you to download it and test it for yourself at
<> .   Please send your feedbacks to me directly
at hm(_at_)veriat(_dot_)com .
Yours truly,
Hossein Malek
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