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[Asrg] Fwd: Email Deliverability Summit II Update

2003-10-17 18:48:59

Found this on the NANOG mailing list. Is this relevant to what we're doing? Do we need to review any of these documents, or should we get in touch with any of these people?

From: "Anne P. Mitchell, Esq." <amitchell(_at_)isipp(_dot_)com>
To: nanog(_at_)nanog(_dot_)org
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 09:52:10 -0700
Subject: Email Deliverability Summit II Update

I've had so many people over the past few weeks ask me for an update
as to how Email Deliverability Summit II went that I thought I really
ought to at least point to some links, which is exactly what I'm
going to do, in the interest of not taking up list bandwidth.

In short, it was absolutely amazing.  Twenty CEOs or other executive
decision-makers from ISPs, spam-filtering companies, and other email
receivers (some of them on this list), and twenty from large email
sending companies, in a room at a roundtable for 8 solid hours - and
we got a *lot* accomplished.

Those accomplishments include the promulgation and announcement of 5
new industry standards for both email senders and receivers (this is
up at, the presentation of EDDB -
which is a receivers/senders contact information database (it was
actually Damian's request which reminded me to post about this - EDDB
allows participants to log in and get the appropriate contact
information for the sender or receiver in question - information
about EDDB is at, and the announcement
of a new cross-industry working group - the Email Processing Industry
Alliance (EPIA), which will carry on with the work started at Summits
I and II (if you'd like information about being involved as a
receiver, contact Mark Herrick of RoadRunner at 
markh(_at_)va(_dot_)rr(_dot_)com, or
Craig Hughes of SpamAssassin Open Source at craig-hughes(_at_)isipp(_dot_)com;
senders should contact Ian Oxman at oxmani(_at_)rappdigital(_dot_)com).

Finally, ISIPP announced it's upcoming Spam and the Law conference

I'd also like to take this opportunity to mention that independent of
ISIPP I am working on a new email deliverability product which allows
senders and receivers to preauthorize and prevalidate (and even
preschedule) the senders' legitimate bulk mailings.  We're currently
in beta, and I'd welcome any of you to participate in the beta test
(which of course is free, and once we get into commercial production
we expect to offer *deep* discounts to beta testers).  Anyone who
would like more information should contact me directly.


Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.
President & CEO
Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy

Brad Knowles, <brad(_dot_)knowles(_at_)skynet(_dot_)be>

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    -Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania.

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