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RE: [Asrg] postings double??

2003-10-22 19:53:09
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At 5:18 PM -0400 10/22/03, denny  wrote:
Ok folks is it just me or.....

looks like folks are CC'ing each other and posting to the list and
the result Is with some posts I'm seeing 2 & 3 of the same message 
sent to me via different paths.

That's correct (although how you get 3 I haven't a clue).  This must 
come up about once a month.  Some people prefer to receive a 
"courtesy copy", some people hate it.  Absent a protocol for your 
email program to tell my email program which category you are in, 
it's not likely to change.


Ok perhaps I am dense but let try this:

The mailing list is a common place for us to exchange our comments
Then reply to the list unless you want to start a "private" talk.

Looking at the header above you email'ed me directly and CC'ed the list.

If you just send it to the list I'll get a copy from the list right??
So why email me directly??

By the way IMHO the list is not sending the messages with the right

The "Reply To"  should be to "the List" then you read, hit reply enter
comments and send.
Bingo everyone gets a copy and it's on the list.

IMHO the only time to directly email is to take the message out of the

At least that's how I have seen serveral other lists work in the past...
And it was *MUCH* simpler.

But hey I could be wrong about this?

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