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RE: 3. Requirements - Anonymity (was Re: FW: [Asrg] 0. General)

2003-10-30 16:36:30
  I understand.  But "end to end" issues are very different 
from network abuse issues.  Preventing network abuse isn't 
censorship. Preventing forgery of my domain in spam isn't 
censorship (and yes, it happens a fair bit.)

  The RMX-style solutions allow recipients to make ISP's 
accountable for their network traffic.  They don't affect 
end-user accountability, privacy, or authentication.

I agree.  RMX would merely allow for me to protect my domain from
getting spoofed.  By no means is it an anti-spam method.  I can not
simply implement a force-RMX-check implementation in my mail server
anymore that I can perform a force-reverse-DNS check or
force-HELO-check.  There is simply too much email from valid senders
with pathetic mail administrators.  However, I can perform an RMX check
and if the domain is protected by RMX..I can ensure that the sending
source is from a listed IP.

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