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Re: 3. Requirements - Anonymity (was Re: FW: [Asrg] 0. General)

2003-10-29 14:56:32
"Hallam-Baker, Phillip" <pbaker(_at_)verisign(_dot_)com> wrote:
  SMTP was designed and intended to be used in a trusted environment.
Therefore, it has no design features to prevent spam, and no design
features to help protect the lives of human rights workers.  Anyone
relying on RFC 2821 SMTP for either "feature" is fooling themselves.

Actually this is not quite true. The work of Ithiel deSola Pool was very
inflential in the design of the Internet. The end to end principle was 
intended to directly address control and censorship issues.

  I understand.  But "end to end" issues are very different from
network abuse issues.  Preventing network abuse isn't censorship.
Preventing forgery of my domain in spam isn't censorship (and yes, it
happens a fair bit.)

  The RMX-style solutions allow recipients to make ISP's accountable
for their network traffic.  They don't affect end-user accountability,
privacy, or authentication.

  Alan DeKok.

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