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RE: [Asrg] Re: 6. Proposals: LMAP proposals

2003-12-04 13:09:52
One idea to add into the mix here that i just raised on the SPF list is that
people should consider the use of dynamic dns to configure LMAP type

Large ISPs have large number of outgoing mail servers with essentially
random IP address configurations. These are further complicated by co-locs

Can we use dynamic dns to address the configuration issue? If so we can
simplify the core protocol.

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Matthew Elvey <matthew(_at_)elvey(_dot_)com> wrote:
And I forgot - of course MAIL FROM: <> needs to be mentioned as a 
special case.

  Yes, I'll add that.

Something like this is needed:
"Email submitted to a secondary MX for relay to the primary MX MUST 
somehow have the LMAP policy of the domain it claims to be 
from queried 
and applied." .  If only the secondary receiving the email 
will  have 
enough information, then this could be said more simply.
Should this be added to one of the LMAP draft documents?

  I'll add it to the discussion draft.

I just thought of another possible problem with LMAP.  If a spammer 
using direct-to-MX spamware sends email to me, from me, (as 
I'd bet they 
regularly do) it may not be caught by LMAP.

  That's a local configuration issue.

  Alan DeKok.

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