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Re: [Asrg] OT: weekends and megatron (was: test, please ignore)

2005-06-06 09:12:26

Shows in trace data that it has been received by ietf mail server
on Sunday. I really do not see anything to validate that there was
any kind of email problem with ietf mail servers, but if it is,
I'll certainly find later on and apologize.

Yes, based on some others things happening between me and John and
my posts on mailsig that really angered DomainKeys crowd, I do think
it got to the point that he decided to block me just so I would made a public complaint and he could then try to paint me as some kind of
a troll (see one of last posts from Dave on mailsig) so that it would
be easier to persuade IESG to ignore my arguments.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks

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