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[Asrg] Blacklisted from posting to asrg

2005-06-06 05:58:23

Apparently the ASRG chair has decided to blacklist me from posting on my primary address as constructive technical critique of his own proposal and its security weaknesses is not something he can deal with and is good enough reason to blacklist one of the largest contributors to ASRG who has been here from the beginning (and of course he also failed to mention to me or on the list that I was blacklisted from posting to the list).

You're more then welcome to comment now how appropriate this was on or
off the list. But in the mean time I'm going to contact IRTF Chair to get this ban removed and request that different list moderorator be assigned.

P.S. Probably would mean you'd have to wait a bit longer to hear about
my paper, which is quite good and likely of interest to many here.
The delay is not my fault obviously.

William Leibzon, Elan Networks:
 mailto: william(_at_)elan(_dot_)net
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