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Re: [Asrg] ASRG history (was: Blacklisted from posting to asrg)

2005-06-07 21:50:56
On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 10:28:30PM +0200, Frank Ellermann wrote:
David Maxwell wrote:
a history of silently banning people from the ASRG list,
without warning to them, or notice to the list

RfC 3934 was published in October last year and adopted by
the SPF-discuss list a.s.a.p.

It looks like a reasonable document. The historical events predate it,

c.f. Alan DeKok

The author of the famous LMAP proposal.  Before the evil
empire [meep] its way into IESG and MARID, which was
also the time when the former ASRG cochair Yakov resigned.

What happened with Alan here ?

I don't intend to rehash it in full here. I'll send you private mail if
you really want to know.

The short version is that one of the few people who was willing to put
some energy into document authoring and implementation consolidation was
rather shamefully treated and then silently banned from this list. The
justifcation for which John claimed to me privately was clearly more
eggregious on the other side of the thread that brought it to a head.

When I pointed this out to John and tried to explain what I was seeing
in private mail, he resorted to calling me a troll. I've felt very
little inclination to post to ASRG since - and have hoped that a
productive forum would arise elsewhere.

It's very disappointing that the leader for an open
standards group for such an important issue doesn't
believe in transparency.

List management can be a very difficult business.  And the
traditional style before RfC 3934 was "my list - my rules".

That's fair enough - however the rules should be public, to the extent
they can be, and consistently applied. Of course extreme measures may be
required - and to maintain order, that's appropriate. However I've seen
the chair apply arbitrary malice, and not even admit that he has done
so when it's pointed out to him.

My original post was all I intended it to be. A confirmation that the
described action might be more likely than it seemed to some, since it
has happened before.

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