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[Asrg] "email templates" for sale

2009-10-27 16:46:04
some time ago I suggested a template-filling SMTP extension and nobody
on ASRG thought that would be a useful idea. Of course the consumers
of the template product advertised in the message below will be
passing filled templates to their outbound MTAs, and bandwidth is not
their limiting factor, but anyway I feel validated.

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From: What's New Now <wnn(_at_)eletters(_dot_)whatsnewnow(_dot_)com>
Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 12:28 PM
Subject: 10 free tried & true email templates

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10 free tried & true email templates

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Is it time for you to try new email templates, but you just don't
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Are you uncertain whether your designs are built to ensure delivery
of your emails?

Whether you are marketing to consumers or businesses, Lyris has
tried and true email templates to help you upgrade your efforts
and get better results without delay, including:

*  Three email templates
*  Two  newsletter templates
*  One business-to-business newsletter template
*  Two consumer newsletter template
*  And two transactional email templates

That's 10 Tried & True Templates. Plus, you'll also receive our
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Download the Tried & True Templates + HTML Basics How-to Guide now.

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