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[clear] CSV Integrated into Sendmail

2006-01-07 15:24:54
I have integrated my Python CSV module into a Sendmail milter, and tested a few simple cases.

Still need more testing:
CSV records which generate an ambiguous result (anything other than 'pass' or 'fail').
Any other edge cases.
CSV authentication headers. Since these are not defined, I just made something up. Suggestions are welcome.

Not yet implemented:
Hunting for CSV records at any level up from the full hostname.

Next Steps:
Additional authentication protocols - SPF, DKIM, etc.
Set up an email forwarding service, and get some experience using the milter on real mailflows.
Build the database of authentication records.
   Tool to build lists of IP blocks from SPF records, WHOIS records, etc.
   Web interface for senders to register and declare their IP blocks.
   Tool to scan the logs and build a reputation database.

If you would like to test the milter, send an email to csvtest(_at_)box67(_dot_)com(_dot_) The milter will attempt to authenticate your heloname using CSV, and return the email with authentication headers prepended. I'll explain the details of these headers if anyone is interested.

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