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Re: [ietf-dkim] Introducing myself

2006-11-04 08:56:06
At 1:38 PM +0000 11/4/06, Tony Finch wrote:
On Sat, 4 Nov 2006, John Levine wrote:

 It's still an open question how Unicode is going to show up in mail
 headers, with 8 bit UTF8 being only one of multiple possibilities.
 More likely there will be some kludge to smoosh it into 7 bits so it
 can transit through old MTAs.

It's much less of an open question than you seem to think.

Have you been following the EAI WG? If so, you have a different interpretation of "open question" than others of us. If not, then you really should do so before stating how things will be.

unicode over the current 7bit braindamage is handled with RFC 2047 which
has been around for many years, so your last sentence above is wrong in
its use of the future tense.

How does RFC 2047 handle non-ASCII on the left side of the @? Again, maybe go read the documents and discussion in EAI. The WG discussion is particularly useful for folks who are sure that they know the One True Way to solve the problem.

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