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[ietf-dkim] New Issue: Applicability of SSP to subdomains

2006-11-10 00:44:38
In the process of preparing my slides for the recent WG meeting, it occurred to me that there is no requirement in the SSP requirements doc for SSP to apply to subdomains of a given domain.

The issue is this: If an SSP record exists for saying, for example, "I sign everything", it's probably not a good idea if an attacker can avoid that policy by sending mail from (for example) The recipient is still likely to associate the message with the domain.

This can occur whether or not there actually is a subdomain, or some other sort of record (such as an A record) for

It's also probably a good idea to require a flag in SSP that indicates whether the policy published there is intended to apply to subdomains. This would be used when the subdomains are under separate administrative control, and there is a desire to avoid having a parent's SSP "bleed through" to subdomains.

This also needs to be done to (sub-)*domains, e.g.,


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