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Re: Sieve Readability Suggestions

1997-04-25 16:22:03
On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Tim Showalter wrote:

On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Chris Newman wrote:

(1) Comments

I suggest using "--" instead of "#" as the comment introducer.  "--" is
what Applescript uses, and is more likely to make sense to the average
human (rather than a programmer) IMHO.

I can see this, but I'd like a second opinion.  It seems a little strange to

Both are used in other languages, so there is a precedent for either
one.  I can see the argument for matching AppleScript, since there are
some otherwise novice potential users already familiar with it.  Do
any other languages targeted to novices use "#"?

(4) Trailing ";"

The grammar seems to require a trailing ";" after every command
(including an endif).  I'm starting to think it would be better to simply
have CRLF terminate a command as many of your examples do (and use "\"
CRLF to fold a line).

I'll fix the examples to reflect what's in the draft.  I'm not sure I like
this change, but it might clean things up.  I'd like a second opinion.

I would drop ; from the grammar entirely if this is the case, i.e., no more
than one command on a line.

Single command/line is fine with me.  I don't think multiple
commands/line serve any particularly useful purpose in sieve...