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Re: some input on sieve-00

1997-04-28 17:02:27

On 26 Apr 1997 16:34:17 -0000 kjj(_at_)primenet(_dot_)com wrote:

On the readability front,

I would like to see an optimization made to the grammar.  In the elements
of an if-clause condition that use a list as an argument, I would like to
see the ability to not necessarily have the parens for single-item lists.
It might also be nice for users to not have to use quotes around words that
don't need them.

We don't want to get too crazy on the readability front.   In practise, a 
GUI rule builder will be the interface for novice users wanting simple 
things and advanced users will just directly edit the language.

We want to keep this thing parseable.   The parens stripping I can live 
with because that is all semantic analysis anyway, but stripping the 
quotes means two different token types and doubling of the parser trees.  
Let's not do that.

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