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mutli-line strings (again)

1997-05-20 20:12:15
I never saw what I'd consider concensus, so I'd like to hash this out

There are at least three proposals for multi-line strings:
| ANSI-C style:
| "This is a multi-line string.\n"  "It is spread over several lines.\n"
| "\"This is a quoted string.\"\n"

This is a second try; I think LISP lets you get away with this:
| "This is a multi-line string.
| There is a line break. \"I suppose this is a quoted string.\"
| "

And Chris' modification of what's in the draft:
| text:
| This is a multi-line string.
| .. This line begins with a single dot.
| .

                                           Tim Showalter 

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