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Re: Suggestions

1997-06-27 12:40:18
On 26 Jun 1997, Paul Vincent Craven wrote:

I'd like to see a "redirect" command added to the basic actions list.

What does redirect do?

A way to pass a parameter to extension-actions
my_action( header("organization" ))

This is probably true.  The language design needs to be reworked to be more
sane. Just having an ad-hoc grammar will encourage a lot of bad extension
design.  This is probably a specific case of general argument passing.

Some method where the extension action can reference the text of the message.
This would allow an extension action to file a message in a database for 

I'm not sure what you're suggesting.  Are you looking for a way to deal with
the insides of a message?

I'd also like to see some discussion of rules on outgoing mail. We can do this
if rule processing is incorporated with the SMTP server. This would allow a
delayed mail feature. e.g.
  delay_mail( header("x-delay-until"))
  toss // the original message

I think this is out of scope of what I'd intended.  I also belive delayed
mail is best done with a cron job.  Can you be more specific?

                                           Tim Showalter 

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