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RE: Suggestions

1997-06-27 13:03:54
On 6/27/97, Tim Showalter wrote:
I'd like to see a "redirect" command added to the basic actions list.

What does redirect do?

Forwarding mail usually changes the "from:" from the original sender to the
person who is forwarding the mail. Redirect leaves the line alone. So a user
receiving redirected mail will see the mail as coming from the original sender, 
the person who redirected it. A user receiving forwarded mail will always have 
"from" field show the individual who redirected it. Some mail systems also
prepend a ">" to each line of a forwarded message, but not redirect mail.

Some method where the extension action can reference the text of the 
This would allow an extension action to file a message in a database for 

I'm not sure what you're suggesting.  Are you looking for a way to deal with
the insides of a message?

No, just pass the entire message (or a reference to it) to an external action
command. This would greatly enhance what extension-actions are capable of doing.
I usually think of extension actions as being some type of plug-in architecture.

I'd also like to see some discussion of rules on outgoing mail...
I think this is out of scope of what I'd intended.  I also belive delayed
mail is best done with a cron job.  Can you be more specific?

I would not want to tell a novice user how to delay mail using a cron job! My
thought was that a client could add a line to the message such as:
x-delay-mail: blah blah
And the SMTP server would not forward the mail until the specified time was
reached. Outgoing rules could also allow a company could forward a copy all
messages that employees send to the competitor's domain to the office manager, 

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