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Re: draft-ietf-drums-msg-fmt-02.txt

1997-06-29 18:41:14
On 6/29/97 at 9:12 PM -0400, Bart Schaefer wrote:

} Note: Reintroducing a message into the transport system and using resent
} fields is a different operation from "forwarding". Forwarding a message
is to
} make it the body of a new message. A forwarded message does not appear to
} have come from the original sender, but is an entirely new message from the
} forwarder of the message. Resent headers are not intended for use with
} forwarding.

The sieve draft being discussed over on ietf-mta-filters is using the
term `forward' to mean what DRUMS is tagging with `Resent-' headers.
I think the terminology had better be consistent everywhere.

What DRUMS is referring to as "resending" and using "Resent-*" headers for
I've heard called "resending", "redirecting", and "bouncing". All mail
packages I've ever heard of use "forward" in the same way that DRUMS does.
The only place that the word "forwarding" is used to indicate what DRUMS is
calling "resending" is, unfortunately, in RFC 822. But 822 does not make
the distinction and does not recognize the act of sending a message as the
contents of another message. 822's use is simply confusing the issue, as it
clearly did in the sieve draft.

Perhaps I should indicate that this departs from 822 in the note cited above.

The sieve draft should be corrected to use the same terminology as DRUMS.


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