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Re: sieve: vacation extension

1997-11-21 17:06:34
Chris Bartram wrote:

It might be reasonable to suggest that no repeat messages get sent as long
as the "vacation" command/action is in effect. If it is changed/deleted-and-
added-back, then a new log is to be created

I tend to agree with Chris B. about oneshot vacation notices. At least
it allow side-stepping the issues he described. It seem to me that
having a vacation notice repeated at some interval is more a function of
the original sender's individual memory refresh rate (which may vary
from time to time :) than anything else.

Is there any strong arguments for having repeated vacation notices?

A nice touch would be if the originator's MUA understood the vacation
notice good enough to politely make a reminder during the vacation
period each time the sender tries to submit another message. I guess
it's only a dream of mine...


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