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Re: acap, comparators, and semicolons

1997-12-06 01:04:05
On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Tim Showalter wrote:
The easy remedy to this is to just put the comparator in quotes so that
instead of being part of the keyword, it's just an argument to the command.
There are a few other cases where optional arguments need to be used.

Any suggestions?

How about just adding a comparator command, which effects all later

Comparator "fr-ca;iso;strength=3";

This cleans up the grammar and probably does what the user wants.

People interested in the syntax for comparator naming should be at the
LESSOR BOF Monday morning at the IETF.

It's a shame nobody asked for a Sieve BOF, but I suppose a 5 minute plug
for Sieve at the Spam BOF will be good enough.

                - Chris

P.S. I think we should stop using "-" in tokens in Sieve.  An extension
which provided basic math operations would be useful, so "-" should be
reserved for subtraction and negation.

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