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Re: new sieve draft

1998-08-17 13:10:27
At 02:25 PM 8/14/98 -0700, Randall Gellens wrote:

2.11: I think the short-circuit evaluations do not need to be a MUST.
This isn't a language with pointers and variables, so there is no
danger of something like "if ( p != NULL && *p == 'c' )".

This depends on how we handle extensions.  The MUST was correct for the
-03 draft when we had the "support" test.  You could write something
        if allof ( support "newtest", newtest "arg" )

However, I agree that with draft -04, we should downgrade MUST to SHOULD
until we figure out how extensions will be supported.

The difficult part of extensions will be how a parser will deal with
"new control structures, actions, and tests" that have unknown syntax.
Perhaps the C language concept of "#ifdef" would be useful to bracket
a section of code that contains an extension.

Greg Sereda

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