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Re: Other comparator issues

1998-08-21 13:24:37
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 14:19:09 -0700
From: Randall Gellens <randy(_at_)Qualcomm(_dot_)Com>

At 4:30 PM -0400 8/20/98, Barry Leiba wrote:

Two more comparator issues have come up, in playing with our implementation.

(1) What to do if the implementation doesn't support the requested

I say this should be a script error, unconditionally.  Anything else is
too dangerous.

I concur.

(2) How to handle RFC 2047 encoding in header fields?

Probably the Right Thing is for the Sieve implementation to decode all
header encodings before doing comparisons, but that probably requires
translation to Unicode, and I don't look forward to putting that code
in.  But I don't think we want Sieve scripts guessing at encoded

I concur.

Tim Showalter <tjs+(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu>

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