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Re: Sieve Meeting Notes

1998-12-07 23:58:28
Tim Showalter wrote:

1:30 7 dec 1998 Poolside Sieve Meeting Notes

Here are my notes combined with some of Ryan Troll's from today's Sieve
meeting.  These notes have drifted somewhat out of order, especially
towards the beginning, as the discussion was meandering and in order to
make the notes pretty I had to split out conclusions.

The notes look pretty complete.

The only thing I caught as missing was the discussion of matching on the group
name portion of an address, known as the display name in 821bis parlance.

This was discussed, but not enough interest was shown to support it.

* Attendees

We didn't take attendance.

There were around 25 of the usual suspects. :-)

    Tony Hansen

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