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Re: Sieve Meeting Notes

1998-12-09 07:37:55
With both capability and failure notification, we concluded that there had to
be a third party to get extensions from and to make notes of failure on.  It
was noted that due to the nature of the game, we were doomed to having a third
party (not delivery server, not client) that holds extension and failure

This does not have to be a third party. The Sieve execution agent can implement just enough ACAP to allow clients to access and store scripts, and get capability and warning/error info.

Envelope-matching command should take similar commands to address match:
:localpart / :domain / :all

This also requires parts of an 822 parser, but less of them (see above).

Well, an 821 parser if the actual envelope is still around or has been passed to the Sieve execution agent.

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