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Re: sieve bugs

1998-12-26 21:37:13
On 26 Dec 1998, Larry Greenfield wrote:
Rob Earhart suggested the following fix for the grammar:
   I'd solve this by removing "test" as a possible "argument", and putting
   an optional "test" into the rule for "command", just before the block /
   ";".  I think this still fits with all the existing commands, and makes
   the system as a whole cleaner.  [...]

Unfortunately, this doesn't work.  A "not" takes a test as an
argument, and this would prevent that.

  Oops--missed that.  Yeah, you really need the optional test at the end
of the "test" rule as well.  How 'bout something like

           test = identifier arguments

           command = identifier arguments [WSP] ( ";" / block )

           arguments = *(WSP argument) [WSP (test / test-list)]

?  (It's also possible to just make test-list an argument, but the
optional test really needs to be there with both test and command; this
isn't ambiguous, because there's still only one optional test at the end
of a test or command, so the parser can always shift when it sees a test 
without the parens.)


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