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Re: sieve-06bis

1999-02-16 17:06:46
On 02/16/99, Michael Salmon 
<Michael(_dot_)Salmon(_at_)uab(_dot_)ericsson(_dot_)se> wrote: 

| In order to prevent mail loops, an implementation MUST refuse to
| filter a message that it has already filtered once; that is, a
| message must not pass through a given server twice.

This seems excessive to me, especially as servers are becoming larger 
and larger all the time. I think that mail loops would be prevented if 
a message could only be kept or discarded when it had been seen twice 
by the same user.

        I don't think this RFC is the place to specify how to stop
        mail loops, except insofar as "an implementation SHOULD be
        smart enough to prevent looping of messages."  A seperate
        "Best Current Practice" draft would be more appropriate,
        and I'd love to work with somebody on that.

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