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Include vacation in sieve draft?

1999-02-17 11:22:46
Filter list members,

Originally, vacation was thought of as an sieve extension because not
all sites could support it.  Therefore, it was described in a separate
draft.  Now that sieve has several optional features, like reject
fileinto, envelope, why don't we incoporated "vacation" as just
another optional feature in the sieve spec?

I assume, althought its not stated, that scripts would need to
use the "require" action before using "vacation" as other
optional features are handled.  If so, the example should
be updated to show it.  Also, current example in vacation
has syntax error because it uses the older "forward", not
the current "redirect" action.
             require "vacation";
             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ added required check!!
             if header :contains "from" "boss(_at_)frobnitzm(_dot_)edu" {
                forward "pleeb(_at_)xanadu(_dot_)wv(_dot_)us";
                ^^^^^^^ syntax, now called "redirect"
             } elsif header :contains ["to", "cc"]
                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ redundant, vacation checks
                   "tjs(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu" {
                vacation "Sorry, I'm away, I'll read your message
                   when I get around to it.";

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