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Re: Include vacation in sieve draft?

1999-02-22 13:59:18
I consider vacation a fairly important use of Sieve.  Our old filtering 
system didn't have it, but you could sort of write it.  John Myers did
so, but most mortal users didn't have a workstation that they could
leave running.

Vacation is not that difficult to implement, so I don't want to hide it
to make life easier on people.  (Sorry.)  If its being in a second
document will discourage implementation, I am tempted to merge it into
the main document.  However, it is three pages of text, which is
substantially more than most other extensions, and I find it more
convienent to have in an external document.

I have no problem with trying to get them both out at the same time;
that's a very reasonable thing to do.

Steve and Gregory would like to see the documents merged.  I guess I'd
like to see one more person say they'd like to see it merged, and I'll
put them together.


Tim Showalter <tjs+(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu>