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Re: Minneapolis Sieve BOF redux

1999-02-21 04:37:48
At 13.10 -0500 1999-01-25, Matthew Wall wrote:
We have until Feb. 22 to put in a formal request for an agenda slot for a
BOF at Minneapolis. Obviously, the sooner we can put something in, the
better the slot...

When I asked about whether to "use" our second BOF, there was a gentle hum
on the list that we should go ahead and do it, but not what I'd yet call a
strong consensus. I don't think anyone objected, though, in concept.

So, Matt, what is the status on BOF or not? Keith and I need to know basically today (sunday), and the agenda need to be sent in no later than tomorrow (monday).

So far, you are _NOT_ on the agenda.


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