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Draft notes from Sieve BOF

1999-03-23 14:22:22
Here's a draft of my slightly edited notes from the Sieve BOF last week.  
Comments about what I missed or misrepresented are welcome; post 'em here.


Matt says to kick Ned's ass when they see him, because he's late.
Matt reviews mailing list addresses, etc.
Matt reviews agenda.
- Don't want working group.
- Have draft charter, just in case.
- Want to get consensus at end of BOF about WG.

Tim explains syntax briefly.
Tim reviews open issues.
- Vacation in base spec or extension?
  reason for base: it's important -- to some, the very reason for having Sieve
  reason for extension: it's a long section; it provides a prototype for
    writing extensions
  consensus: do it as an extension
- Action interaction
  e.g. reject vs. keep/fileinto
    discard is compatible with everything -- just cancels the default keep
    reject is incompatible with all but discard
    keep == fileinto "inbox"
    add to spec: extensions should discuss incompatible actions
    discussion about extensions having to refer to other extensions, easy
       to get out of hand.
    discuss on mailing list for resolution
- Site limits on actions (number of forward addresses, for instance)
    multiple reject MUST NOT
    at least one fileinto/keep MUST
    at least one redirect MUST
    redirect: no, remove
    exceeding limit causes a script error
- Require must be at beginning of script
- User-specified charset on outgoing msg
    text may be MIME object?
    OK... put in switch: text or MIME
- Text will be added talking about errors in script

Other Discussion:
- Discussion about adding headers in redirect
  Want to add loop detection and received headers
  What about resent headers?
    Some say it's not user-initiated.
    Some consider that it *is* user-initiated.
  Consensus... Eliminate text about not adding headers
- Discussion about discarding messages, what to do with DSNs
  Take to mailing list
- Vacation extension
    Vacation incompatible with reject & vacation.
    Does not cancel implicit keep.
    Remembering who was responded to is not just per address, but per 
       address per vacation command.
    If script changes, implementations MAY reset response memory.
    Add req't for impl dependent list of addresses that vacation never 
       replies to,  List MUST include POSTMASTER, SHOULD include others.
    Remove specific addresses, replace with general advice, refer to RFCs.
    Request to be very explicit about this, to avoid loops & annoyances
       calendar in vacation?  -- out of scope
Proposes getting revision out in 3 weeks, for IETF last call (4 weeks).
Includes base & vacation.  Call for WG... unanimous: no.

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