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Re: 07bis Sieve spec.

1999-03-30 14:56:21
On 3/30/99 at 4:43 PM -0500, Tim Showalter wrote:

The only point I feel strongly about is this:
2. Why? Maybe I want to make a folder of messages that I have rejected, or redirect them to a processor that updates my "bad people to filter against" list. What's the problem with rejecting and doing one of these other things?

I do not want the spec to require that users be granted the ability to make a mail server lie.

But *if* reject sends an MDN (with the MDN-sent-automatically and automatic-action modes), as I believe it should, and the MDN for reject is "deleted", which is defined as:

  "deleted"      The message has been deleted.  The recipient may or
                             may not have seen the message.  The
                             recipient might "undelete" the message at
                             a later time and read the message.

then I don't see this as a lie. You are informing the sender that his message has been automatically deleted from the users normal mail reading facilities and may not be seen by anyone. That's all true.

If there is consensus for the other stuff and you need some text, I might be able to contribute.

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