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Re: sieve vacation draft

1999-04-08 14:22:07
Tim> "Vacation" never responds to a message unless the user's email address
Tim> is in the "To" or "Cc" line of the original message. Implementations are
Tim> assumed to know the user's email address, but users may have additional
Tim> addresses beyond the control of the local mail system.

Tim> Users can supply additional mail addresses that are theirs with the
Tim> ":addresses" argument, which takes a string-list listing additional
Tim> addresses that a user might have. These addresses are considered in
Tim> addition to the addresses that the implementation knows.

I like the above, but what about the following?  An implementation would
be assumed to know that my address is <jbeck(_at_)eng(_dot_)sun(_dot_)com>, 
but I'd like a
response to go out for mail to 
<jbeck(_at_)[*(_dot_)]eng(_dot_)sun(_dot_)com>.  Is this covered
by the "Implementations are assumed" clause?  The Unix vacation program
only looks at the local part, and I think it would be a Good Idea to make
it easy for people to specify the same behavior (if not the default).

I can buy that.  I guess we could make vacation take a comparator for
the aliases parameter.

I don't see any reason why implementations would be forbidden from that
behavior, but I can see reasons why it would be good for users to be
able to specify it.


Tim Showalter <tjs+(_at_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu>

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