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Re: last chance before last call on sieve and vacation

2000-05-03 11:22:08
In the Vacation draft:

>  Alternatively, scripts can store records of who has received which
> message, and never send a message to someone twice.

I think this should be "implementations can store", since there is no
facility in Sieve itself for storing this info.

>  "Vacation" MUST NOT respond to a message unless the user's email
> address is in the "To" or "Cc" line of the original message.

Shouldn't the "Bcc" header be permitted, as well?  Some mailers (not
many, I'll admit) generate a "Bcc" header.  If you have vacation set
and I use one of these mailers to send mail to your buddy, and I bcc
you, I should get a vacation notice.

Good point. I support making this change.

In "3.7. Restricting Replies to Automated Processes", I'd suggest
also saying that implementations MUST NOT respond to mail that has
any header fields which start with "List-".

I'd be more comfortable with a SHOULD NOT.