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Re: last chance before last call on sieve and vacation

2000-07-11 10:57:13
At 12:37 PM -0400 7/11/00, Ken Murchison wrote:

 Randall Gellens wrote:

 In the Vacation draft:

 In "3.7. Restricting Replies to Automated Processes", I'd suggest
 also saying that implementations MUST NOT respond to mail that has
 any header fields which start with "List-".

 Along the same lines should we also add something like:

 ... SHOULD not respond to messages with an Auto-Submitted field with a
 keyword other than "no".

 as suggested in draft-ietf-mailext-new-fields-15.txt?

 Also from the same draft, perhaps we should recommend adding an
 "Auto-Submitted: auto-replied (vacation)" header.

 This functionality is already implemented in cmu-sieve.  The vacation
 program as packaged with sendmail uses the Auto-Submitted header as well
 (although it incorrectly uses the auto-generated keyword).

I don't think we should introduce dependencies on other drafts, as that will hold this one up until that one progresses.

Text regarding "auto-submitted" can always be added later, when Sieve progresses.

Randall Gellens
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