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Re: sieve upload/download mechanisms

2000-08-17 12:45:55
Cyrus Daboo <daboo(_at_)cyrusoft(_dot_)com> writes:

I'd like to know what mechanisms server vendors have implemented for
sieve script upload/download.

I'm aware of systems that use ACAP, HTTP, FTP, LDAP, and CMU's
managesieve. Are there any other means of doing this? 

My (unreleased) sieve support for a mail client I'm working on uses
CMU's "installsieve".  I'm not sure if that's the same as managesieve.

( describes
usage of installsieve to some detail)

I'd rather not have half-a-dozen variants to deal with, but that
looks as if it is the case right now.

Yes. :-/

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