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Sieve vacation and :days

2000-09-13 00:12:16

I may be totally out of my league here and I'm new to the list, but
there is a question I'm curious about. Why is the vacation specified as
a number of days? Why not from-date, to-date? Of the top of my head I
would think that the latter would: 

1. be more well defined. I don't think the standard even specifies what
:days means currently, but I may be mistaking. Is it a n x twenty-four
hour period from the current time, or is it the next n x twenty-four
hour period starting at midnight or a n x twenty-four hour + the remains
of the current day? 

2. make it possible to define rules beforehand. Say that I know that I'm
going on  vacation the day after tomorrow, I can create the script
immediately and not have to worry about it later. 

What am I missing?


Fredrik Jönsson
System Specialist
KTH, Nada

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