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Re: draft-melnikov-sieve-imapflags-04.txt

2000-11-01 05:19:34
 If they are I'd go for:

keep :globalflags :plus [...]
keep :globalflags :minus [...]

Which might even be better than :globalflags+ and definately better than 

In this case it is better to have ":globalflags plus [...]" or ":globalflags 
minus [...]" (no colon in front of plus/minus), because it is confusing 
(tagged argument that requires another argument, hrrrrr ).

Ah yeah, it does say in the SIEVE spec:
- To simplify this specification, tagged arguments SHOULD NOT take
- tagged arguments as arguments.

Ok so the tagged optional argument "globalflags" may optionally take 2 
arguments where both are positional.  The first being "plus" / "minus", the 
second being a list of flags.  Yeah I'd be happy with that.


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