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Re: sieve 13, corrections made during last-call discussion

2000-11-02 15:18:24
Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com> writes:

Here's another fly in the ointment: What about 'domain-literals'?  Even
[IMAIL] discourages that they be used.  Should we just define the syntax
of what sieve should support in its entirety, or am I just being a pain
in the ass now?  (taking a 4 year-old trick-or-treating will do that to
you :^)

I really don't want to define the whole syntax.

I have no problem with allowing domain literals, or, in fact, any of the
comment stuff that's in 822.  Those are potentially useful, and while
they're discouraged, there's no real good way around them.

Okay, one more time: Addresses

A number of commands call for email addresses, which are also a subset
of strings.  When these addresses are used in outbound contexts,
addresses must be compliant with [IMAIL], but are further constrained.
Using the symbols defined in [IMAIL], section 6.1, the syntax of an
address is:

        sieve-address = addr-spec               ; simple address
                      / phrase addr-spec        ; name & addr-spec

That is, routes and group syntax are not permitted.  If multiple
addresses are required, use a string list.  Named groups are not used

Implementations MUST ensure that the addresses are syntactically
valid, but need not ensure that they actually identify an email