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Re: Sieve redirect works but vacation doesn't

2000-11-17 10:01:43
I thought we already did this correctly, so I'm surprised we ran into

The host part is always case-insensitive.  The local part is case
sensitive in cyrus (thus all the griping about leg+Foo not working)
and needs to be compared in a case-sensitive fashion.
(The local part isn't always case-sensitive, so other systems might do
things differently.)

This should go for all address comparisons internal.  Explicit address
comparisons, like "address" or "envelope", the user is given a chance
to select a comparator and we should just use that comparator.


   Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 11:50:32 -0500
   From: Ken Murchison <ken(_at_)oceana(_dot_)com>

   Gary Mills wrote:
   > Eurika!  I finally got a vacation response.  Here's the problem:
   > My sieve script looked like this...
   >   require ["fileinto","vacation"];
   >   vacation :days 4 :addresses 
"mills(_at_)mail(_dot_)testing(_dot_)umanitoba(_dot_)ca"] "Testing vacation for 
the next week";
   > My test messages were sent to ``mills(_at_)cc(_dot_)UManitoba(_dot_)CA''.  
When I changed
   > the addresses in the sieve script to have the four upper-case characters,
   > I got my first ever vacation response.  Sendmail rewrites all of our
   > addresses in that format.  However, case should not matter in hostnames.
   > Lmtpd should be doing a case-independant comparison!

   I think you're right, but before I make any changes, I want to make sure
   that I don't break anything else.

   Issues that come to mind:

   - do we compare the entire addresses case-independently or just the
   - should the same be done for loop control mechanisms (ie, comparing
   envelope 'from' and envelope 'to', or comparing envelope 'from' and

   Any thoughts?

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