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Re: GUI editors for Sieve scripts

2000-12-18 08:25:17
--On Monday, December 18, 2000 11:53 AM +0100 Jaroslav Snajdr <jarda(_at_)tinysoftware(_dot_)com> wrote:


is anybody aware of any existing GUI editors for Sieve scripts? I'm just
trying to develop a Web based one and I have serious problems to make it
use all of Sieve's power and yet to remain simple and comprehensible.
So, I'm just seeking for some inspiration...


The new publically available v2.1a1 release of Mulberry features a GUI SIEVE script generator. It allows you to create script 'elements' which you can then put together into a script and write out to disk as a file. We'll be adding support for upload to the SIEVE script repository via CMU's sieved protocol at a later date.

As regards being able to provide the full power of a SIEVE script via a GUI, we came to the conclusion that its just not feasible to do complex scripts in a GUI that's simple to use. Our approach was to provide an option to edit a 'raw' script element instead of use the GUI constructor. This seemed like the best trade-off.

Cyrus Daboo

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