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multiline quoted strings

2000-12-21 08:37:43
  2.4.2. Strings

  Non-printing characters such as tabs, CR and LF, and control characters are 
permitted in strings. NUL ASCII 0) is not allowed in strings.

Does this mean that you are allowed to have quoted strings that span more than 
one line (ie contain CRLF)?  I think that the spec says that you can, but it 
almost hints that you can't.  (If you see what I mean... )

While I'm here and on ths subject in the same section it says:
  Note that a hashed comment or whitespace may occur in between the "text:" and 
the CRLF, but not within the string itself. Bracketed comments are not allowed 
Does this mean that you can't have a /**/ after "text:" and before the CRLF?  
It would seem a little strange to allow only one commenting style here.  I know 
that allowing only #ed comments makes it much easier to parse, but then is it 
not just confusing to allow one commenting style and not the other here?  Why 
not just allow both or neither?  



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