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notes on the managesieve protocol

2001-03-07 14:30:19
I implemented the managesieve protocol (
and I joted down some notes while doing so.


Notes on the managesieve protocol:

* add BYE <reason> to login message "OK"

* support anonymous sasl mode for syntax verification only

* Typo "SETACRIVE" line 588

* add semantic information in ebnf for response-listscripts: "ACTIVE
  string MUST NOT be present on more than one sieve-name).  Also add
  some text in the document with a MUST about this.

* client inactivity resulting in server autologouts should be
  discussed, maybe also a MUST on minimum time (30 minutes, like

* just a thought: managesieve is not specific to sieve, perhaps it
  could be extended into allowing any language.  if the management
  protocol for mail splitting is language-independent we can replace
  sieve and keep the toolbase, when we discover that we want a turing
  complete language.

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