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Re: Vacation - unsupported feature ?

2001-03-25 13:42:46

Kim Armann wrote:


I'm using cyrus-imapd-1.6.25 and I want to use vacation.
installsieve works but in /var/log/messages I get

Mar 23 10:10:53 mars deliver[1736]: sieve parse error for kiar: line 1:
unsupported feature

In order to use vacation, you MUST be running deliver in LMTP mode (-l
switch).  Otherwise, vacation is not supported by cmu-sieve and results
in the error above.

BTW, questions like these should be posted to
info-cyrus(_at_)lists(_dot_)andrew(_dot_)cmu(_dot_)edu, NOT to ietf-mta-filters.

Here is my script :

require ["fileinto","vacation"];
vacation "Out for now";

Btw. I cannot find a documentation about vacation

This is worthy of being on the list, just to nag the author ;-)

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