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Test body

2002-05-21 13:00:42

Hello everyone,

I am implementing a simple sieve mail filter on our iplanet messaging
server. I currently have a simple script that redirects undesireable emails
to a catch-all email address on our mail server. I've got matches for
:header, :domain, and :all, but there are some messages that I won't be able
to intercept without being able to do matches against message bodies.

I'd like to do:

If body :contains "string" {
    redirect catchall(_at_)wechsler(_dot_)com;}

But I don't think that's possible.

Alternatively, would it be possible to do something like:

Require "envelope"
If envelope :all :contains "DATA" "string" {
    redirect catchall(_at_)wechsler(_dot_)com;}

Any help would be appreciated, including a firm reminder that this is not an
end-user support list and a suggestion as to a better forum for this


patrick conlin
director of internal technology
wechsler ross & partners
71 5th avenue, 4th floor
new york, ny 10003-3004
212.924.3337 x218

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