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Re: "body" extension

2002-06-14 13:59:35

On Fri, 2002-06-14 at 11:39, Simon Josefsson wrote:

Jutta Degener <jutta(_at_)sendmail(_dot_)com> writes:

Below is a strawman Internet draft that describes the easiest,
most general form of "body" I could imagine -- a simple match
against the text of an e-mail message that is not the header,
without content-decoding of any sort.

A future extension of this could be to even MIME decode data before
matching it as well -- international users need this to match
non-ASCII in bodies.

Mirapoint has implemented a body search in their non-Sieve filtering
(Mirapoint doesn't support Sieve, unfortunately).

(I speak only for myself.)


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