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imapflags is sticky?

2002-07-23 09:43:36


If this is not the right list please direct me to the right list. I
have a cyrus 2.1.5 box with sieve scripts. I'm wondering a bit about
the functionality of imapflags and fileinto.

It appears as if setflag is sticky for all subsequent fileinto or keep
actions regardless of where the setflag was set in the script. For

require ["fileinto", "imapflags"];

if header "subject" :contains "test1" {
   setflag "\\Seen";
   fileinto "test1 folder";

if header "subject" :contains "test2" {
   redirect "user(_at_)somewhere(_dot_)com";

In this case if the header was "Subject: test1 test2" would the
following actions happen:

1) message flagged "Answered"
2) message filed into folder "test1 folder"
3) message forwarded to "user(_at_)somewhere(_dot_)com"
4) message filed into INBOX and NOT flagged as seen.

  Scott Russell (lnxgeek(_at_)us(_dot_)ibm(_dot_)com)
  Linux Technology Center, System Admin, RHCE.
  Call 711 then ask for 919-543-9289 (TTY/TTD)

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