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Re: managesieve's HAVESPACE changed from v03 to v04?

2002-10-04 13:51:46

Marc Mutz wrote:


I'm currently working on a client implementation of the ManageSieve
protocol for KMail. We have come across a problem with the HAVESPACE
command. With timsieved 1.1.0 we always get:
C: HAVESPACE "scriptname" 74
S: NO "Expected number"

Now, we only have v03 of the I-D here; is there an incompatible change
in v04 in this area? Does anyone rememember?

There was a bug in the parser in timsieved.  I have fixed it in CVS. 
You can apply the following patch to continue your development/testing.

Any further discussion about this problem should be taken off list.

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