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managesieve comments

2002-12-09 12:00:03

Some comments on the managesieve -04 draft based on client implementation experience:

Comments on Manage SIEVE

- According to the current IANA registry port 2000 is already assigned to 'callbook'. Looks like we have to pick another default port?

- STARTTLS command description still has text stating that server must send capability items.

- 'sieve-name' item in formal syntax is just defined as 'string'. Why not just use 'string' instead? If you want to impose the semantic script name requirement, then the 'sieve-name' item should have a comment with a reference to section 1.7.

- 'command-authenticate' is missing the mandatory CRLF at the end. The correct syntax should be:

   command-authenticate  = "AUTHENTICATE" SP auth-type [SP string]
                           *(CRLF string) CRLF

- 'extension-data' in 'resp-code-ext' is not defined in this document. It is in ACAP, but there is no comment about dependency on ACAP formal syntax for undefined items here. Either add 'extension-data' in this doc or add reference to ACAP in the formal syntax introduction paragraph.

- There is no support for disconnected/multi-access behaviour. In particular, a client has to always upload a script before making it active as it has no way of knowing whether the one it uploaded in a previous session has been changed by some other client. This will be an issue for large scripts. The fix for this would be to have some kind of modtime or uid stamp for each script - this is probably not necessary right now, but may become important later.

Cyrus Daboo

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